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Major Pool Renovation in 2019-19

From 2018 to 2019 the pool building received a major renovation at a cost of $1.8 million paid for entirely by donations and grants. The locker rooms were expanded with private showers, the lobby was expanded and a multipurpose room was added. In addition, we improved our office space and added two private bathrooms that are handicap accessible and ideal for those who want more privacy or families with children. 


Renovation Highlights:

  • WOMEN's and MEN's LOCKER ROOM ADDITION: Completly new and larger locker rooms that meet accessibility standards; added private showers.

  • OFFICE AREA: redesigned to accommodate staff and a much-needed work area

  • MULTIPURPOSE ROOM: New meeting room that can be also rented when the pool is rented for parties. Space is also used for staff meetings. Parents/guardians can observe the pool when swim lessons or programs are underway. 

  • (2) NEW FAMILY LOCKER ROOMS: Added two family locker rooms off the lobby area for parents with children or those who want more privacy. Also handicap accessible. 

Floor Plan by Buday + Kruzel Architects, PLLC

Parking Lot and Driveway Renewal - 2021

During the summer of 2021, our parking lot and driveway were stripped down to the earth and completely rebuilt. We now have more parking and a circle drive to accommodate buses. More lighting was also added and the bricks with family names were re-installed by the picnic area. This $230,000 project was paid for by donations and grants. No tax dollars were used.  

Pool Resurfaced in 2022

Stripped the entire pool surface down about 3 inches. This was then totally resealed and resurfaced with special pool compounds. The work took 6 weeks and should last about 10 years. This was a $65,000 project paid for entirely by donations and grants. No tax dollars were used. 

Renovation Photos

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