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Please observe the following policies when visiting the Pool. Thank you!

Participation Policy + Swim Test

The swim test is successfully swimming the length of the Pool on your stomach using the front crawl.

  • Children 5 & under must be with-in arms reach of an adult in the water.

  • Children 6 & over must be at least 48 inches tall and pass the swim test to be admitted in the water without an adult.

  • Children 12 & over may be at the Pool without adult supervision if they have passed a swim test and a parent’s cell phone # is with desk attendant.

  • If a child is unable to touch the bottom of the shallow end while standing and cannot pass the swim test, they must wear a Coast Guard approved life vest in the Pool at all times.

  • Only children who have passed the swim test will be allowed in the deep end.

  • All children under 15 may be asked to pass the swim test and may be asked to repeat at each visit.

General Information

  • Sign-in and pay for programming at the front desk before entering the Pool or locker rooms; pass holders swipe upon entry.

  • Only appropriate swimwear is allowed in the Pool.

  • A full shower is required for all swimming patrons.

  • Street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck.

  • Running on the Pool deck, rough housing, and pushing people into the Pool is strictly prohibited.

  • Glass containers are prohibited on the Pool deck and in locker rooms.

Spa Rules

  • Persons suffering from heart disease or high or low blood pressure should not enter the spa.

  • Children - parents should be advised that there are risks associated with children using a spa. A child's regulatory system is not fully developed, so they may be unaware of becoming overheated. Parents of children under the age of five are strongly advised not to allow their children to use the spa for more than five minutes.

  • Pregnant women should have doctor approval before using the spa.

  • Users are not allowed to submerge in the spa.


Lockers + Locker Rooms

  • The CACP is not responsible for lost or stolen goods; please secure personal goods

  • Opposite sex children ages 3 years and over are not to be brought into locker rooms. Two family changing rooms, each with a shower and private bathroom are available.

Playing in the Pool

Basketball Hoop

  • Basketball privileges may be revoked if the following rules are not observed

  • All shots are to be made from the water and no "full court" shots.

  • Do not adjust the hoop, hang from the rim and net, or roughhouse


Jumping and Diving 

  • Headfirst dives are allowed only at the 9 foot, hot tub wall.

  • Only feet first jumps allowed; backward jumps and flips are prohibited


Toys and Flotation Devices

  • Toys brought from home must be clean and can be used at the lifeguard's discretion.

  • Flotation devices MUST be Coast Guard approved.

  • We do not allow monofins or mermaid tails for safety reasons

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