Essay about the Pool by Addy Wiers

Charlevoix Area Community Pool

By: Addy Wiers, member of the Stingray Swim Team

Splish splash! Splish splash! Have you ever wondered what it would be like without a pool in Charlevoix? I definitely don’t know what I’d do. They provide so many aqua activities to keep many people coming back to feel the phenomenal pool. Just feeling their hot tub… WOW, it’s amazing! The pool provides aqua activities for just about everyone. I strongly believe that the Charlevoix Area Community Pool definitely deserves to be awarded money.

The first reason the pool deserves to be awarded money is that people of all ages can swim there. People can take swim lessons at their own level. One day, they could avoid a drowning because they know how to swim. People could be swimming when they are 3, and still be a strong swimmer at the age of 90. With a sport like soccer or hockey, there is a really small possibility for a 90-year-old playing it. Without the pool, older people probably won’t be able to work out well. Younger people need to work out too. They could use the pool to learn how to swim so that they have a sport to do forever. I believe that being awarded money could help the pool with helping people of all ages.

Another reason the pool deserves to be awarded money is people with injuries can recover. People can take a slow swim in the pool or even have physical therapy to help recover. Typically, when you are injured, you can’t play sports. You can swim though. It’s a lot better to swim when recovering than to sit down, watch TV, and wait to recover. It would also probably feel better. Getting physical activity gets the muscles going, which can feel utterly fantastic. When I go to the pool, usually it’s for swim team practice, but once it was for recovery. That was the time I felt the best swimming and after swimming. Recovering may not be fun, but going to the pool will make it better. I am confident that the pool would be the perfect organization to be awarded money.

The final reason the Charlevoix Area Community Pool is a great place to award money to would be their school swim lessons, water safety lessons, and the Charlevoix Stingray Swim Team. They teach kids how to swim in the school swim lessons, which can be super helpful in their future. The water safety lessons are completely important too. They teach kids to swim along with boat/water safety. I have done both of them so I know that they make it fun! I learned a lot even though I am a member of the swim team. Oh… the swim team! Without the pool, the Charlevoix Stingrays would probably not exist. They make time in their program-filled schedule for the Charlevoix Stingrays to practice. I can’t thank the pool enough! I know you will have to agree that the Charlevoix Area Community Pool is the perfect choice to be awarded money!

I think the pool is absolutely incredible. I know some people are afraid of the water. They probably won’t want to swim. They could try it out though. They could learn to swim. The pool has so many activities for someone to try. There is an activity that suits just about everyone. Being brace usually pays off. If someone is afraid of the water, they might just start with an easy open swim. Then, they could be choosing anything from aqua exercise classes to scuba diving classes. There are so may things to look forward to!

There are so many good reasons the pool should be awarded money! I told you that people of all ages can swim there, you can recover there, and some kid’s programs that they have. There are so may more, though. Without the pool, I would not be who I am today. I know the pool is not perfect, but in my mind, they are pretty close to it. Please help the pool get what they need to keep going. The pool is an amazing organization that should be appreciated and awarded.